Elaachi has it all

Live requests

From housekeeping toconcierge requests,just command!

Smart Room IoT

Control room lights andappliances using your voice

Hotel Info

General Information regarding the hotel

Software Integrations

Seamless interfacing with Hospitality Softwares


Now guests can make spa and table reservations using Elaachi

Feedback and Analytics

Elaachi’s feedback feature updates the hotel management in real time.

How our integrated system works

  • Guest Request

    Guest places a request on the device

  • Admin Dashboard

    Request is notified to the respective department and assign runner by admin

  • Runner App

    Runner is notified and completes the assigned job with in given time frame

  • Updated

    The guest request is fullfilled and update on the dashboard


Admin Dashboard

With live tracking of pending requests, workflow, and staff management, and actionable analytics gained from prior usage, elaachi epitomizes the most fundamental principle in hospitality – exceeding expectations consistently.


Runner App

While the comfort of customers has always been the top priority of any hospitality service, we have also tried to make sure that the experience of the runners is also as consistent and seamless as the clients.