A Startup that Designs & Creates Disruptive Voice solution for Hoteliers.

A paradigm shift from Touch technology to “Voice Command”.
We are curating a cross-platform enterprise solution for single or multi-brand chain of hotels based on true Voice Technology to leverage and reform customer relations in the Hospitality industry. With innovation at its heart, a team of astute management graduates, business enthusiasts, hard-working team of young entrepreneurs, we assist hoteliers to adopt innovative voice user experience that adds value to their business, increasing revenue at different touchpoints. We at Elaachi are eager, exhilarated and excited to bring difference to the hospitality industry using Voice Technology.


team member

Being an Innovation Strategist, Startup Professional and an Entrepreneur for a group of companies and schools, Krish is the humble, spirited and committed C.T.O of IT Profound Inc. and President for Elaachi LLC.

Krish Mohan
C.E.O & Chairman of the Board
team member

It may sound cliché to say “It’s a Matter of Perspective”, but that’s exactly what human perspectives are – sometimes witty and most of the times just funny and hilarious. With 20 years of experience consulting travel and hospitality industry, he believes in the Human Touch in every sphere of life.

Sandeep Saxena
Director of Sales & Marketing
team member

Dharani Krishna Gavvagi Did The Master of Fashion technology, director of Indian operations -ITProfound India Pvt Ltd. He is one of the directors and a great motivator, his vision to inspire, motivate and lead others to contribute towards the success of Gavvagi organization.

Dharani Gavvagi


Deepima Dwivedi

Sr. Product Engineer

She converts coffee into code. An expert on curating phenomenal products based on voice technology. She's the expert on Alexa, Voice tech and back end.

Vandana PV

Product Engineer

She is the voice tech expert who works on Google Assistant in the office. When not in the office, she simply enjoys the very opposite of tech, which is nature. She likes simple things but does amazing things.

Vishal Simon

Business Development Manager

He is the guy in charge of Business Development and Product Design. He loves his products and loves selling his products even more. Music and food comes a close second and third on the list of things he loves.

Vinay Krishna

Sr.Software Developer

He is the expert on ML and AI. He's the guy in charge of keeping everything fresh and up to date.

Siva Prathap

Sr.Software Developer

He is a MEAN stack developer. He picks up things at a pace that is unreal and then proceeds to search for new things to do. Always looking for adventure.

Sai Krishna Jetti

Software Developer

He is a smart guy, who is always the first one to finish his work. The junior mean stack and web developer also makes sure he chills enough in life.


UI/UX Designer

As is his name, the man aims at nothing but the best, leading the way in UI/UX Designing. On the down low, he also enjoys running campaigns to take over countries.

Atul Rajan


This consultant gives many fundaes on things that helps set the scene. While not following every advertising move that happens, he also finds new ways to see and do things.